Human growth hormone replacement therapy offers natural human growth hormone replacement therapy information, hgh research and clinically proven anti-aging oral growth hormone products including Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1, the ONLY oral HGH formula with Phase II Clinical Studies.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Scientifically Proven to Reduce Symptoms Associated with Aging & Menopause

In 1991, Dr. Robert Lawrence, PhD. Biomedical Engineering, PhD. Nuclear Physics, MS Microbiology, MS Computer Science and world-renowned Polymer Physicist, developed an oral delivery system for Growth Hormone (GH). Dr. Lawrence was later named Chief Science Officer of the $2.8 million dollar project initiated by Bushard Pharmaceuticals. He developed a unique vegetable-based enzyme polymer, which allowed a large molecule such as Growth Hormone to be absorbed via the oral mucosa. Between 1991 and 1997, thousands of scientific studies were conducted in five major U.S. cities by Bushard's medical team under the thorough supervision of Dr. Lawrence. These studies verified the validity of this new and revolutionary oral application of GH.

Tested were people between the ages of 31 and 89 with average to fair health conditions. Protocols for the studies included: fasting from all nutritional vitamins and supplements two weeks prior to study, IRB Study Protocols, IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor, type 1), HDL and LDL levels prior to and during all testing and S.M.A.C. test (liver enzymes and kidney enzymes). Levels of the above tests were conducted every 30 days to determine the efficacy of the new oral spray application.

The results were astounding -- not only were there no side effects, but test subjects had an average increase in their IGF-1 levels of 30% every 30 days. In 90 days, most of the test subjects had doubled their IGF-1 levels, which represented a measurable improvement in biological age as effective -- or in some cases, more effective -- as had been found with patients taking injections of Growth Hormone! Cholesterol levels were diminished in over 80% of patients by an average of 14.8%, and triglyceride levels also diminished by 31%. Noted were increases in mental stability, lean muscle mass, energy, libido, skin rejuvenation, and reacquired hair color and density. Also noted were reductions in excess weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.

When the project concluded in 1997, Bushard Pharmaceuticals, due to failed markets at the time, closed its doors permanently. In the following year, interested opportunists came out with oral spray Growth Hormone products, substandard to the original formulation. These manufacturers of oral GH used cheap plastic, petroleum-based polymers -- costing only a few dollars per gallon and of questionable health consequences. Dr. Lawrence was disappointed with the mockery that had been bestowed upon his discoveries and set out to recreate the original formulation he developed as a totally vegetarian, safe & effective polymer. The original polymer created by Dr. Lawrence had a purchase value of over $62,000 per gallon and was backed up by seven years of successful clinical studies. He began to produce the product for his family and friends, and shortly thereafter, he formulated Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 Oral Spray Growth Hormone.

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 has been tested extensively with many methods and modalities of today's modern science, most notably the VEGA Machine from Germany, which is a very refined form of electro-dermal, precision instrumentation used in medical practices today. The VEGA Machine measures a person's positive or negative reaction to a given substance. Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 was recently featured as an exemplary product at the International VEGA Symposium in Grieshaber, Germany.

There are now over 25 documented health benefits associated with Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1. Testimonials from all over the world acknowledge a wide variety of physiological, emotional and mental improvements. Consistent use of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 stimulates a very natural process in the human system whereby one's own pituitary gland resumes secretion of Growth Hormone at levels which occurred during youth, thereby regulating the entire endocrine system, including modulation of hormones, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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