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"I lost 1 1/2" off my waist after only 45 days of taking EGH1!."
- Dave Foreman, RPH,
"Herbal Pharmacist"

"EGH1 has helped me increase my energy levels and has reduced wrinkles around my eyes."
- Dr. Faith Leuschen, D.C.
Scientific Breakthrough!
Lose Fat, Boost Energy, Improve Sex, and much more...
Science and technology have just made the onset effects of aging an option, rather than an inevitable fact of life. After more than 15,000 studies in the last 60 years, science has demonstrated that Growth Hormone (GH), a naturally occurring substance in the body, can allow users to lose fat, build lean muscle, sleep better, improve sexual performance and pleasure, increase energy and motivation, soften skin and wrinkles, and even more.

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New & Improved!

#1 Selling Natural Oral GH

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1Thousands of customers using this product are experiencing:
  • Boosts in energy
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Improve skin tonality, texture and elasticity
  • Much more!
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New Product!
Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair, & Nails!

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH-Stimulator (HGHRT GHS)

GH Stimulator contains natural counter-aging ingredients, antioxidants, memory enhancers, energy boosters and cholesterol reducers along with ingredients essential to the body for collagen synthesis to create healthy skin, hair and nails. More info

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