Why is Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH-1 the Best?

Original formulation from the original formulator
Dr. Robert Lawrence, the formulator/manufacturer of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1, was the Chief Science Officer on the original GH project dedicated to the development of a GH sublingual delivery system.

Thousands of double-blind scientific studies
Between 1991 and 1997, Dr. Lawrence and his medical staff scientifically conducted thousands of double-blind studies using today’s exact formulation of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 with Positive Results and NO SIDE EFFECTS!

2,000 nanograms per dose
Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 is twice the strength of any oral GH product on the market today. Suggested usage, which is precisely the dosage used in the above studies, is 3 sprays in the morning (2,000 ngs) and 3 sprays at bedtime (2,000 ngs) -- Total 4,000 daily.

The amber bottle versus the blue bottle
GH is an exceptionally volatile molecule - so volatile, in fact, that if exposed to sunlight for a period less than thirty minutes, the destruction of the GH molecule will ensue, contaminating all contents within that bottle. Blue bottles have no such protection whatsoever -- just aesthetic value. The blue only makes the product look pretty!

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 uses an amber bottle with a protection rating of #30 UV, eliminating any possibility of contamination from ultra violet exposure. Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 not only uses the 30-UV rated bottle, we seal that bottle with an over-wrap containing an additional 30-UV rating.

Vegetable (enzyme) polymer
The polymers used in Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 are made naturally from vegetable enzymes. Unlike all of the GH copycats, Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 will never use plastic polymers or any other substance associated with Benzene. We wish to aid the human race, not destroy it with carcinogenic products.

In addition to using a richly potent vegetable polymer, we put a remarkably strong positive ion charge on it. Remember, the human body contains a negative charge, and when you introduce it to a positively charged Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 molecule, the human tissue acts like a vacuum cleaner. We are the only GH company using a high quality polymer with the advanced application of positive ion charging.

Vega testing
The Vega Machine, from Germany, does “electro-dermal” testing, to determine how allergic or potent a nutrient is for an individual. Our Director of Research & Development, Dr. Steven Small, has conducted numerous Vega tests on all of the popular brands of GH. He found, without exception, Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1 to be the only GH formulation that provides continuous positive results. Dr. Small and other Vega Machine specialists have been astounded by these outstanding results.

"Smart" hormone
GH is considered the “smart hormone” because it first benefits that part of your system most in need of help, repair or rejuvenation. Then it moves to the next area most in need.

Regulatory hormone
GH is the regulator of almost every hormone (progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, etc.) in the human body. Its ability to regulate vital hormones results in a wide variety of health-related benefits.

Wide range of health benefits, all documented
In numerous documented clinical and scientific studies, GH has been found to: increase energy; promote weight loss and lean muscle WITHOUT EXERCISE; enhance sexuality; elevate mood & reduce depression; improve sleep, vision & memory; reduce high blood pressure & improve cardiac output; improve cholesterol profile; improve skin and appearance; restore natural hair color and restore hair growth.

Dr. Ronald Klatz, author of Grow Young With HGH, states, “It is now possible to reverse the effects of aging 10-20 years, and whereas aging used to be considered a fact of life, the medical community now considers it a degenerative disease that can be treated.”

After his studies, Dr. Daniel Rudman, M.D., concluded: “The effects of six months of GH on lean body mass and fatty tissue were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10-20 years of aging.”

Dr. Edmund Chein, MD and Dr. L. Cas Terry, MD tested over 800 individuals and reported in their 1995 study that GH had substantial benefits and no side effects. According to Dr. Chein, “GH is the only hormone that can actually reverse all the parameters of biological aging. It is a true rejuvenator.”

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