About EGH - 1

Our Mission
At EGH-1, we are dedicated to providing our customers with science based anti-aging/longevity products and up-to-date information which support living a higher quality, healthier lifestyle.

Our Promises to You
  1. We use the highest quality, natural ingredients.
  2. We provide optimal potencies of all ingredients, basing all our formulations on the most current research.
  3. We manufacture our products in the United States in compliance with all State and Federal Regulations.
  4. We manufacture our products in small manageable lots to ensure freshness and quality control.
  5. We strive to produce the highest quality products for a reasonable price, ensuring customer value.
  6. We only pursue new science-based nutritional products that promote health, beauty and anti-aging.
Research & Development
For information about our Research & Development, click here.

Shipping & Handling Terms
We ship all orders using US Postal Service Priority mail. Shipping charges are $6.95 for 1-2 items, and $11.95 for 4 or more items. We charge sales tax for orders being shipped to California addresses.

Contact Us
We can be contacted by email, phone, or fax:

Address:    EGH-1
10025 Shoemaker Ave
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Email:    support@egh1.com
Phone: 888-882-8245


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